A little too much coffee and Roberts' Rules.


23 June 2021

Roundup of SBC Roundups

by Jon

Blake White.

  1. While I appreciate the push for diversity, it felt forced/token at times. At best, this is leadership seeking to lead well. At worst, this is intersectionality at work.
  2. Disunity. I was surprised that the Twitterverse left lauding unity but I left thinking the opposite. I believe the vote was 52% to 47%. That’s not unity. And both sides had plenty of pot shots and sarcasm. Lots of pandering left, punching right.

Michael Linton

I know there is concern about the rise of alt-right Fundamentalism in the SBC and the push of a certain group to gain power.

Jon Glass

Don Hinkle - Mo. Pathway

Nate Adams (Ill)

Ronnie Floyd